Believing in each child’s God given destiny.

Here’s What We Do

The goal is to break the destructive cycle of abuse, neglect and shame and to replace it with an opportunity for each child to live a life of confidence, responsibility and walk in their God-given destiny.

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As a community, it is our goal to provide for the total welfare of our children.

Our mission is to create a nurturing and stable environment through our team who has integrity and godly character, providing an efficient and knowledgeable service to each individual by assessing, and meeting the needs with excellence.

We care for orphaned, abandoned, and/or severely neglected children, by providing lifesaving essentials including shelter, water, food, medical, dental, education, day to day needs, and protection.

We help less fortunate children survive, recover and build a better future. Together we give these children the hope they deserve, restore their dignity and help them rebuild their lives.

Our Founders

Through the adoption of our daughter, Liberty, at age seven, we saw a need in our community to help older children to be given a chance to grow up in the Love of the Lord and believe in their God-given destiny.

After the age of six, many children end up on the streets and are victims of many different forms of abuse. According to the local government, one in twenty children is orphaned, abandoned, or neglected. We can’t help them all, but by God’s grace, we can love as many as the Lord will give us!

Trent and Amy Pruett have lived in the Philippines for the over seven years. They began their call to missions in 2006 where they served in Thailand prior to relocating to the Philippines. They are the founders of Safe Haven, a Children’s Home Foundation, Inc.

They have five children. Their children through birth are Jackson, Braden, and Trinity. They are blessed beyond measure to add two more girls to their family. Liberty is already legally adopted and they are just beginning the adoption journey again with Maria.

Amy Pruett – Our Director

Amy Pruett is the Director of Safe Haven, a Children’s Home Foundation, Inc. The Lord has moved her with His heart for the orphaned and abandoned children. It is her passion to see each child restored, and equipped to walk in their God-given destiny. Every child matters!

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