Believing in each child’s God given destiny.

How to Get Involved With Us

Thank you for even considering on a way to get involved with us here at Safe Haven Children’s Home.   It truly means a lot!   

  One way that is very helpful is to sponsor a child.  By sponsoring a child, you help us with meeting our monthly needs.  We are a private NGO that raises all our own finances to the total care of the children.  This means we pay for food, dental, medical, clothing, school needs and anything regarding their daily care.  It is also helpful as we have a mandatory staff to help keep things up and running according to the standards of the government.  You can sign up to be a monthly donor for $25, $50, $75 or more.  

If a monthly commitment is more than you can do at this time, then we have some items you could sponsor on a one time basis – or as you feel led.  These items would be: 

$40 A sack of rice                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $40 towards our fruits and vegetables for a week                                                                                                                                        $55 towards our purchase of Chicken for the meals for one week                                                                                                                                         $266 for a weeks of non perishable needs for a week                                                                                                                        (canned goods, toothpaste, laundry, soap, shampoo, etc).

Just click this link to donate at our PayPal account in the amount you would like to help.  If you want to select recurring donations you have an option to do that there.  All donations are tax deductible via our 501c3 in Texas that raises funds for Orphans here at Safe Haven Children’s Home.

Or maybe you are Interested in coming over as a short-term worker, or with a team from your church or school?  We can always use extra hands to help in different areas. While not the easiest place to work, there will be challenges and excitement, but one thing is certain; your life will forever be changed by the opportunity to bless children and those that Safe Haven serves.

Short Term Volunteer Application

Short term volunteers (less than one (1) year) are visitors from abroad who come to stay for a period of two (2) weeks to one (1) year with the express purpose of volunteering and working for the center with no remuneration.

Volunteer Application

Long-term, or regular volunteers, are required to fill out a volunteer application and have a personal interview with the Director. They must agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Code of Conduct.