Believing in each child’s God given destiny.


Here’s How We Do It

Prayer & Careful Planning

Once a child enters our program we begin the healing process. Each child that has been abandoned or orphaned has immediate emotional, physical, and spiritual needs that need to be met. By God’s grace, we will begin an intervention plan with our social worker to meet each need.

Daily Bible Studies & Education

After a child is stable and feels secure, their individualized Christ-centered education will begin. Each child will undergo a diagnostic test to see what is known and what areas we need to address. Along with daily Bible studies, each child will be provided with an excellent education to help them walk in their God-given destiny!

Follow Through

Safe Haven is not just a project – it’s our passion that each child walks in their God-given destiny. It’s vital that each child knows they are the apple of God’s eye and to know the love of God personally. As a community, we live on the property with the kids at Safe Haven and create a family atmosphere to be acting mothers and fathers. We believe in these kids!

Our vision is to be an immediate family for orphaned and abandoned children. Our mission is to transform the children through the power of God to be leaders in their generation. Our goal is to bring wholeness and restoration through the love of Jesus to each child.

In prayer, the Lord moved our hearts to fulfill the Great Commission by feeding the hungry, healing and praying for the sick, making disciples, reaching the unreached, and caring for the orphans. By partnering together with the body of Christ, we are making a difference for the glory of God in each avenue.

Sisterly Love